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Dry eyes syndrome is a common disorder of the tear film that affects a significant percentage of the population, especially those older than 40 years of age.

Symptoms can be dry, irritated eyes or very watery eyes. With dry eye, when the eyes becomes slightly dry and irritated, it may initiate reflex tearing with the production of a large amount of tears all at once to try to get moist and comfortable again. Unfortunately, the eyes can only handle so many tears at any one time; the rest pour over the eyelids and down the cheeks. Those tears that pour down the cheeks do not help the eyes and are wasted. A short time later, the eyes will become slightly dry and irritated again and the whole process may repeat itself.

Eye Logic Liposomal dry eye spray, a high strength fish oil and other speciality eye formulations are recommended.


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Eye Logic Dry Eyes Spray 10ml BUY... EYE LOGIC Spray Relief from Dry Eyes - spray onto closed eyelid!

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Quest Sea Buckthorn Oil - Omega 7... Remedy for vaginal dryness, dry eyes and dry mouth, often associated with the menopause.
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