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Eye Logic Dry Eye Spray 10ml

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Eye Logic Spray Relief from Dry Eyes - spray onto closed eyelid

Eye Logic Dry Eye Spray - Relief from Dry Eyes 10ml

You won't find a dry eye treatment that's simpler to use than Eye Logic dry eyes spray. Eye Logic is simply sprayed onto the closed eyelid - which makes it ideal for those who find drops difficult to use or inconvenient.

When Eye Logic dry eye spray is sprayed onto the closed eyes, there is an immediate cooling and soothing feeling. After a few moments some of the spray seeps between the eyelids and onto the tear film that coats the eye. The lipid (oily) component from Eye Logic spreads across the outer surface of the tear film, reinforcing the natural oils that are already present, stabilizing this oily layer. The rate of evaporation of the tear film is now considerably reduced, allowing it to provide proper lubrication to the eye.

If you are a contact lens wearer you may have experienced dry eyes at some time. In fact up to 75% of soft contact lens users suffer the sensation of dryness. Whether it is an ongoing problem, or something that you feel at the end of the day, Eye Logic Dry Eye Spray is the ideal solution. Not only can it be used while wearing your lenses, it also lasts for up to 3yrs after opening. This means that if you only suffer occasionally, with Eye Logic Dry Eyes eye spray not only will your eyes soon feel comfortable again, you also won't end up throwing half of it away (which usually happens with conventional eye drops).

Don't worry if you are wearing makeup - as long as you spray Eye Logic a little further away from your eyes, your makeup won't run.

Another important benefit of Eye Logic Dry eyes spray is that as you are spraying it onto your closed eyes, there is no blurring or impairing of the vision. That means it is safe to use before driving.

Eye Logic relieves the following symptoms of dry eyes: * Burning feeling or dryness * Tiredness of the eyes * Gritty feeling * Sensitivity to light Commonly associated with: * Contact lenses * Computer use * Air Conditioning * After LASIK eye surgery * Pollution, smoke * UV Sunlight *

There is no reason to suffer from dry eyes again! Get relief from dry eyes with Eye Logic Dry Eyes Spray.

Soy lecithin 1.0% • Sodium chloride 0.8% • Ethanol 0.8% • Phenoxyethanol 0.5% • Vitamin A palmitate 0.025% • Vitamin E (tocopherol) 0.002% • Water for injection • ad 100.
  • Hold the applicator 10cm (4") from your eyes.
  • Close your eyes.
  • Spray once or twice on each eye.
  • Feel comfort returning to your eyes.

Can be used on a continual basis.

You will get 100 sprays from the 10ml applicator.

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