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Natures Aid Pycnogenol 30mg 30 tabs
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Natures Aid Pycnogenol 30mg 30 tabs

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Effective anti-histamine and a powerful antioxidant.

Product Description


North American Indians saved a group of French sailors in 1534 who were dying from scurvy by feeding them tea brewed from the needles and bark of certain pine trees. (The needles contained Vitamin C, and the bark contained flavonoids.) Pycnogenol (pick-nah-geh-nol) is a unique natural plant extract made from the bark of the Maritime Pine tree (Pinus maritima) which grows on the coast of France in the Bordeaux region. The trees are cut for timber and the bark is used to make Pycnogenol; one tonne of raw pine bark makes about 2.5kg of Pycnogenol. It was Professor Jacques Masquelier who discovered the biochemistry and isolated the first compound in 1951 and it was he who coined the term Pycnogenol.

The Benefits of Natures Aid Pycnogenol:

Antioxidant - Pycnogenol has been shown to be a potent scavenger of oxygen free radicals. Studies have shown that Pycnogenol is 50 times more powerful than Vitamin E and 20 times more powerful than Vitamin C.

Circulatory System - Pycnogenol offers support to the circulatory system by neutralising free radicals in the blood stream, preventing radical build up and promoting the integrity of the vessel walls. It is also able to support circulation in the extremities and in the capillaries that feed the eyes.

Joint Protection - Pycnogenol is able to inhibit certain proteolytic enzymes such as collagenase and elastase which degrade the collagen and elastin in connective tissue, giving rise to such conditions as joint degeneration.

Tissue and Organ Protection - Pycnogenol plays an important role in the support of the blood vessels as described earlier and as a consequence of this it helps to support tissues and organs throughout the body that rely on adequate blood flow.

Allergy - Pycnogenol inhibits the formation of histamine which is responsible for causing allergic reactions.

Skin Health - Pycnogenol improves skin elasticity and smoothness during the aging process, as well as protecting the skin against the harmful effects of the sun. It has also been shown to be beneficial in cases of psoriasis.

Each Natures Aid Pycnogenol tablet contains 30mg of Pycnogenol and has more than 25 years of safe and beneficial use behind it. It has also been through decades of clinical studies to assure its safety.


This product should be avoided during pregnancy and breastfeeding unless advised by your practitioner.

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