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Natures Aid Trim-It (Cider Vinegar) 120 softgels
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Natures Aid Trim-It (Cider Vinegar) 120 softgels

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Trim-It capsules contain vitamin B6, kelp and lecithin as well as cider vinegar.

Product Description


Trim-It capsules contain vitamin B6, kelp and lecithin as well as cider vinegar.

The Benefits of Trim-It and Properties:

We are unable to make any claims about any possible benefits one could gain from taking this supplement. However, we can explain about the different components in the Trim-it capsules and what they are known to be for:-

Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine) - this vitamin aids the body in properly assimilating protein and fat and speeds up the metabolism.
Kelp - this amazing seaweed contains more vitamins and minerals than any other food. Primarily because of its natural iodine content, kelp has a normalising effect on the thyroid gland which helps thin people gain weight and larger people lose weight.
Lecithin - these phosphatides are a group of fatty substances consisting of glycerol, fatty acids, phosphoric acid and choline and are important in the body for fat transport leading to the breakdown and dispersion of cholesterol and animal fats.
Cider vinegar - this helps the kidneys to drive out toxins and infections thus restoring the balance of metabolism in the body. This in turn helps the body burn the carbohydrates that are ingested, leading to production of energy rather than fat.
Wheat germ - this contains vitamin E which helps dissolve blood clots and helps lower blood pressure.
Kelp, vitamin B6 and lecithin also act as natural diuretics which are very important since pharmaceutical diuretics tend to wash away the body's potassium salts which are responsible for water retention and therefore they are rather ineffective.

Natures Aid Trim-It capsules provide:
Lecithin 100mg
Cider Vinegar 40mg
Kelp 25mg
Vitamin B6 3.5mg
Wheat Germ Oil 20mg

Take 2 Trim-It capsules 3 times per day with food.

Should be avoided by pregnant women and anyone with thyroid disease.

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