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Quest Cell Life 30 tabs
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Quest Cell Life 30 tabs

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Quick Overview

High strength antioxidant formula

Product Description

Quest Cell-Life Tablets are a formula combining optimum levels of 12 Protective Antioxidant Nutrients.

If you ever wondered why an apple turns brown after you cut it or why iron rusts when exposed to the elements, you are questioning the damage and destructive effects of oxidants (free radicals) normally found in the environment. Oxidation causes similar harm to the cells of your body. When you breathe, digest food, exercise or just sleep, your body produces potentially harmful agents called free radicals. The free-radical chain reactions in your body take place countless times each day. To make matters worse, emotional stress, ultraviolet light and toxic substances in air pollution and cigarette smoke also generate free radicals that can put your health at risk. Fortunately, nature offers the means to protect yourself against the hazards of oxidation by-products - you can call on powerful allies, known as antioxidants, that work in opposition to free radicals.

Purpose of Formula

Protects cells and organs from oxidative damage caused by toxins and the environment
Optimal combination of water and fat soluble antioxidants
Contains antioxidants compounds found naturally in fruits and vegetables
Contains zinc and selenium, used by the body to make antioxidant enzymes
Ideal for smokers, heavy exercisers, those living in polluted areas and the over 40s, who have an especially high requirement for antioxidants

Other Uses:

Supports eye health

Formula Features:

Optimum levels of 12 antioxidant nutrients
Contains quercetin to enhance the absorption and activity of vitamin C
Amino acid chelated minerals maximise absorption of the mineral antioxidants in the formula

One Quest Cell-Life Tablet provides:

Vitamin E (100 i.u.) 67mg
Vitamin C 500mg
Zinc 10mg
Manganese 1mg
Copper 500ug
Selenium 75ug
Quercetin 200mg
Beta Carotene 6mg
(Equiv. to Vitamin A 1000ug)
Alpha Carotene 90ug
Cryptoxanthin 21.2ug
Zeaxanthin 18ug
Lutein 13.6ug

Take 1 Quest Cell-Life Tablet daily with food.

Free From:
Hydrogenated fat; artificial preservatives, colours and flavours; lactose or salt; yeast, wheat or gluten.

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