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Solgar Pycnogenol 30mg 30Vcaps
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Solgar Pycnogenol 30mg 30 Vcaps

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Potent antioxidant.

Product Description

Solgar Pycnogenol is the patented brand name for an antioxidant extracted from the bark of French maritime pine trees. The trees grow exclusively along the coast of southwest France in Les Landes de Gascogne.

This special pine bark is loaded with a concentrate of active bioflavonoids, which are also found in fresh fruit and vegetables. The extract from this bark is a potent blend of active compounds and extensive research over a period of more than 30 years has been dedicated to the safety of Pycnogenol and to substantiate the many benefits for human health of this extraordinary extract.

If you ever wondered why an apple turns brown after you cut it or why iron rusts when exposed to the elements, you are questioning the damage and destructive effects of oxidants (free radicals) normally found in the environment. Oxidation causes similar harm to the cells of your body. When you breathe, digest food, exercise or just sleep, your body produces potentially harmful agents called free radicals. The free-radical chain reactions in your body take place countless times each day. To make matters worse, emotional stress, ultraviolet light and toxic substances in air pollution and cigarette smoke also generate free radicals that can put your health at risk. Fortunately, nature offers the means to protect yourself against the hazards of oxidation by-products - you can call on powerful allies, known as antioxidants (i.e. pycnogenol) that work in opposition to free radicals.

Asthma and chronic bronchitis are both caused by chronic inflammation of lung tissue. Taking Pycnogenol decreases the amount of circulating inflammatory substances in the blood stream and has been shown to improve asthma symptoms and the lung function. It also inhibits those enzymes responsible for the destruction of lung tissue in chronic bronchitis.

Pycogenol protects blood vessels and capillaries and reduces the risk of clogged arteries and veins, therefore, it is particularly helpful to smokers and diabetics or to anyone with bad circulation.

GOOD NEWS FOR WOMEN - Pycnogenol binds and protects collagen, the protein that keeps the skin tight and smooth. Enzymes and free radicals can no longer break down collagen and elastin fibers, the process enabling development of wrinkles. Pycnogenol also helps against ageing of the skin due to exposure to sunlight and helps to lighten dark age spots of the skin resulting from over pigmentation.
It also soothes menstrual disorders like cramps and pain.

Each Solgar Pycnogenol Capsule provides:

30mg Pycnogenol Extract
(Of the 30mg approx. 95% are phenolic components.)

Take 1 to 2 Solgar Pycnogenol Capsules daily, preferably at mealtimes, or as directed by a healthcare practitioner.

Sugar, Salt and Starch free.

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