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Prostate Problems

Prostate cancer is a disease in which malignant (cancerous) cells form in the tissues of the prostate gland which is located under the bladder and in front of the rectum in men. The function of the prostate gland is to produces a fluid component of semen which transports sperm during ejaculation. The prostate gland is about the size of a large walnut but and enlarges throughout life in a process called benign prostatic hypertrophy.

Presenting symptoms: Many men, these days are found to have prostate cancer following a routine blood test showing a raised PSA. Many of the urinary are actually caused by an enlarged prostate gland which although could be caused by the cancer is more likely to be caused by a benign swelling of the gland (not cancer).

Possible symptoms of localised prostate cancer include:

Passing water more frequently at night
Reduced urine flow,
A feeling that you are not emptying the bladder
Rarely blood in the urine or semen,
Erectile dysfunction

UK incidence: The risk of this condition increases with the age, generally men over the age of 50 are affected. In the UK nearly 32,000 men are diagnosed every year with prostate cancer which causes more than 10,000 deaths every year. Overall, one man in fourteen will get prostate cancer at some point in his life. Of the 2 million people living with cancer at any one time in the UK, 43% of the men will have prostate cancer.

Diet factors have been linked to a higher risk of prostate cancer particularly those who eat excessively, have a high fat and processed meat intake with a low intake of vegetables, fruit, herbs and spices.

Polyphenols and anti-oxidants. There is some evidence that certain foods have specific anti-cancer properties via their polyphenol and antioxidant ingredients:

The polyphenol rich whole food supplement Pomi-T® has been proven to have a direct anti-cancer effect in men with prostate cancer.

By ensuring adequate intake of polyphenol and anti-oxidant rich foods not only is the initial risk of prostate cancer reduced but some evidence suggests that indolent malignant or pre-malignant cells may not progress into more aggressive types.

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